“La liberté non pas fille de l’ordre, mais MÈRE de l’ordre.” – Proudhon

Who are Mother of Order?

At the basic, human level that’s easy.  Mother of Order are Catherine Rogan and Martin Hall.  

But, what do they do?  

They are both musicians and writers. Maybe ask what are they doing now?

What are they doing now?

Better.  They are working on a linked set of songs that are about and inspired by the cotton famine in Lancashire.  Some of the songs are poems from the time that have been set to music, others are songs the two have written based around the events and the people that were affected.  It’s not just history (nothing is just history), there are parallels with today, some things have never changed (like the attitude of the wealthy right wing to the poor).  These are pieces that relate to the modern day.

How can I find out more?

Keep coming back – this site is (as they say) very much under construction right now