Busy Week

Been a busy week so far and it’s only Wednesday as I (Martin) type this.  On Monday we played at the Fiery Bird in Woking, deciding to do one newish song (Weeping) and a couple we haven’t played much.  These events, for us, are as much about seeing what works as putting across our music.  During the warmup/rehearsal, Cath suggested we try the autoharp on one song (‘Can you Help us a Bit’) and it worked a treat.  So, we had the Woking premier of Weeping and the world premiere of Cath on the autoharp.  Both worked very well.   The third song was Famine, Fear and Frost.  The idea had been to make this into something fairly hymn like and simple.  At that level, the song succeeds, but as we wandered back to the car after the event we agreed that it needs something more than the single tune.  Even though we swap vocals on verses to give it some variety, it still tended to drag a bit.

So, Tuesday morning, I was sketching out alternate tunes and then Cath arrived prior to a Ukeaholics gig.  We had plenty of time, so spent it recording demos of a few tracks and then we played a couple of verses of Famine… ready for me to try and see what works as an alternate/chorus type of tune.  

We could, probably, have come to the same conclusion about Famine… without having to perform it.  But there’s something about standing in front of people and actually singing it that just gives a better feel for how it’s working.

Now, it’s time to start putting some more instrumentation onto the demos and seeing whether we like them enough to put them onto the public audio sites.  Won’t be long before we start the search for a studio to do some more in-depth recording.

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