Been recording demos for the last few days.  Conversations like:

Cath: “Next time I write some words, stop me from using so many ‘ands’ and ‘thes’

Martin: “I wouldn’t dream of restricting you…. I’ll just passive aggressively supply you with a tune that doesn’t have room for them.”

The useful thing about recording as opposed to performing is that we can really hear if something works at a song level as well as something performable.  And, as a rehearsal tool, for just cementing an arrangement for the two of us, it’s great.  Of course, the other thing that demos do is allow us to try out new instrumentation and to put together songs that would otherwise require a full band and to see how things work.  So, a mandolin rhythm part was added to ‘Sympathy With Lancashire’ only to be muted a little while later because the top end of the song had become muddled.  The decision to add a solo that song was only made as we put the demo together, so there is a mandolin solo part.

Until Sunday, we had not played the solo live (as Martin tends to only take the uke out if it’s short set).  A miscommunication where Cath did not hear Martin say  ‘no’ in front of the word ‘solo’ as we were mid-performance, meant that Martin was suddenly attempting a solo on a completely different instrument.  We think we got away with it, mostly.  Actually the results are on our YouTube channel, you can be the judge.

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