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We’ve been playing a lot, recently.  And it’s a terror-inducing thing of joy.  We’ve played a lot together in various bands and they’ve pretty much been covers.  Oh, Martin occasionally takes his mandola out and sings some of his own stuff at open mics, but this is different.  It’s two of us, it’s material that we believe in and feel that there’s a duty to get it right, both to each other and to the people we’re singing about.  Yes, we’re singing about history and taking words that were written a long time ago about the Lancashire Cotton Famine, but they were people and there’s a connection.  Any time we hear about people having to use food banks and other, richer people maintaining that they are undeserving, we get taken right back to the Stalybridge Riots.  Seems it’s never been enough to be poor, you have to be ‘deserving poor.’ And it’s working – pubs go quiet when we start singing our acappella version of ‘Poverty Knock’, people are thinking when Cath talks about 8 year olds repairing threads on working looms while their younger siblings are underneath cleaning the machines.  So, we’re going to go on doing it, because this stuff matters then and it matters now.

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